I absolutely LOVE what I do! I've been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. My dad had a fully manual Minolta camera & I loved every chance he let me handle it. I was in ballet my entire childhood, so in college I was initially a dance major. I decided to take a photography class, just for fun, when I was completely hooked!

I graduated from Mount San Jacinto College with an A.S in Photography in 2001. I trained in film developing/processing and experimented with commercial, advertising and portraiture photography. I completed my special projects in available lighting and portraiture. I also studied Multimedia Design which helped me transition to the digital world.

A few months after I graduated, the college closed its darkroom. It seemed it was the end of an era. From then on, it would be all digital. However, digital photography still had a long way to go. I wasn't getting the same results I got in the darkroom. My husband and I started our family that same year. :) I was five months pregnant at my graduation. The photography business would have to wait a little longer... I spent this time re-educating myself in digital photography and enjoying my babies. It didn't seem that a business would ever happen, but here I am! :)

I still get giddy over images, and can't wait to show them off. I love to photograph people and get to know your story. Photography is a passion, and it's part of me. I enjoy it and still love to learn and improve on what I know.

Thank you for your interest,

(photo courtesy: Regan Ballin )